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Mission to Malawi 2023

April 13th,2023

Greetings from the “Windy City” of Chicago. The first stage of the trip today was uneventful, until my phone died [it was plugged in mind you, but not charging] right as I entered Chicago. If you know me, directions are not a strength, and when the phone died it too Google Maps with it.

Nothing that a little pit stop wouldn’t fix. I had to use my back up charger as nothing in the vehicle would charge the phone. Once I had enough battery, I was able to get directions, and make it to the hotel.

I did drop off the rental tonight to allow me a no hassle morning to the airport. Lord willing all will go well, and I will be flying out at 10:00 AM.

It was quite different today leaving on my own, I have always been with a team or my wonderful wife.  This provided me time to reflect on the many blessings I have had in life related to missions.

I know many others that long to have their wives/husbands or families join them on the mission field. But for various reasons most cannot. I have been supremely blessed to not only serve with some absolutely amazing brothers and sisters in Christ, but to also serve with my wife.

Today was strangely different in that she wasn’t going with me, she will [Lord willing] join me next week along with Mark, Karey and Leah. But today leaving Janine home made me realize how blessed I am that my wife serves with me, and shares the same passion.

I have been able to serve with my daughter and my son [Spencer] and that I think is something that I took for granted before today.

But that being said, I am still excited about what the Lord has in store this week. Eager to see the men in the Bible School, the HFTF team, and all the brothers and sisters that I haven’t seen since last year.

If you are reading this, would you pray for us? Pray that we die to our wants and our desires. Pray that we take supreme joy in wherever the LORD would lead, and in whatever He would have us do.

Pray that we would be a blessing to those we serve with, those we serve and all we encounter. Pray for those we will encounter, that their heart would be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. {Rom 10:8}

Pray that God works in amazing ways. We want to do as William Carey says we should “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God”. [Eph. 3:20-21]

I will check in under “Mission to Malawi” at tomorrow prior to departure. I will post next on Sunday, April 16th, and most likely every other day until the team arrives on April 22nd.

From that point on each team member will post so you can follow along.

Thank you for sending us, thank you for praying for us. Have a blessed night.

Brother Ed


  1. Karey McGlinchey

    Glad you made it that far safely! Continuing to pray the rest of your trip goes smoothly. 😊

    • Macie Ann mcGlinchey

      were praying for you mom! tj says I love you! Jax says I love you mommy are you in Africa?

  2. Great to read this and glad you got your phone working again! Lifting you up for a safe flight and the team coming behind. May you take comfort in the promise of His presence: “And behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

  3. God bless you pastor Ed. Looking forward to say “Takulandirani” (Welcome) when you arrive in Malawi. I also look forward to what the Lord will do through you and the team during your short stay here!
    In the name of the entire Hope for the Future team, thank you HPFBC for your prayers and support. You are “all in” and you make this ministry in Malawi possible.

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